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Tip #125 – How to Assign a Customer to a Specific Group

Tip #125
How to assign a customer to a specific group

I’ve received a few questions on how to add a customer to a specific group.

Here is how:

To add an existing customer to a group, bring up the account from the Customer Operations menu and press G to access the G options list and select option 1.
(If your version of flowerSoft does not have a G options list yet, press U to update the record and hit Tab 3 times to get to the account type field and hit Enter)


flowerSoft will then take you to the Group field.


Select a group from the existing groups or if you know it is going to be a new group, just enter the group code.

If you want to get a list of the existing groups, just press the F6 key.


If the group is not on the list, hit X to close the list and enter a new group code.
flowerSoft will ask you if it is a new group, answer “Y”es, enter a name for the group¬†and save the record.



From now on, the customer will be linked to that group.

If you are entering a new customer on the fly, the process is very similar.¬† When you get to the “Group” field, simply enter the group code you want.

If it is a new field, flowerSoft will ask you for confirmation and then to enter a name for the group.



That’s all there is to it.