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Tip #124 – Delivery Confirmations

Tip #124
Delivery Confirmations

flowerSoft gives you 2 very different ways of sending delivery confirmations, but both ways have 1 thing in common and that is that you must tell flowerSoft that you have delivered the order.

The recommended way of generating delivery confirmations is from the Dispatcher’s menu.
Here is how:

First, generate route & receipt forms for your deliveries.


Next, you or your driver must log in the deliveries from the route & receipt form.



After you record all your deliveries, select the D – Delivery Confirmations from the Dispatcher’s menu and select the option you want.


Here is how one of those delivery confirmations look like…


That is the recommended way to do delivery confirmations.  However, some of you do not have the time or are not big enough to run route & receipt forms and log your deliveries that way.
For those of you, flowerSoft gives an alternate way of recording the deliveries.
Here is how…

If you want the delivery confirmation to show the delivery date, time and person who accepted the order, bring up the order you have delivered, hit the letter D and the following options will appear

Select option 2 Add/Updt. Delivery Information.
The following screen will display…


Update the delivery information as necessary.

If all you want to do is send the customer an email indicating that the order was delivered, bring up the order using the Edit/View option of the Orders menu.
Once you have the order on the screen, hit the letter E to display the e-mail options and then select option #2. Delivery Confirmation


If the customer has an e-mail address on file, flowerSoft will send the delivery confirmation to that address.  If there is no e-mail address on file, flowerSoft will ask you to enter the e-mail address.

Here is what these email confirmations look like:



Remember that you can also attach a file to the email, so if you want to you can send your customer a picture of what the arrangement looked like.

Tip #123 – Using Account Groups

Tip #123
Using Account Groups

When you add a new customer into flowerSoft, you have the option of assigning a group code to the account.
Group codes were originally conceived to allow you to separate different customers within the same account type.
For example, customers with an account type of “Professional” can be subdivided into separate groups of like professional accounts.
With groups, you can separate the lawyers, from the accountants, from the doctors. from the real-estate firms and from the dentists.
So if you ever wanted to do a mailing just to lawyers, you could just select the professional account type and then the “law” group.
That was the original purpose of groups. However, throughout the years I’ve seen florists use groups in very imaginative ways.

One such way was by a long-time flowerSoft customer who wanted to keep track of sales going to funeral homes.
Since funeral homes are neither customers nor recipients, there was no readily available flowerSoft report that he could use to get the report he wanted.
He did know that there was a report available that would give him what he was looking for.


He then made sure that every customer that called with an order going to a funeral home had a group code which would tie the sale to a particular funeral home.
So every time a customer called with an order going to the ABC Funeral Home, the made sure that in the customer profile that customer had ABC as the group code.
If another customer called with an order going to the XYZ Funeral Home, he would get XYZ as his group code.  You get the idea.
Now he could ask flowerSoft for a report showing sales by customer group and get the data he needed.

Another flowerSoft user wanted to keep track of sales generated by a certain designer.
My recommendation to her was to mark all new customers that came to purchase at the shop because of this designer, with a unique group code.
Then, she can generate a report for any time period showing purchases by customers with that specific group code.

Group codes are limited to 3 alpha-numeric characters.  That does not seem like much, but you can generate 42,875 different group codes with those 3 characters.

There are many different ways to use group codes.  If you are currently using group codes to extract certain information from flowerSoft, please share them with us.