How big is flowerSoft?

We all know that flowerSoft is a large program that keeps expanding every day and has done so for the past 25 years, but how big is it exactly?

Well, as of today March 30th of 2013 flowerSoft has:

6,880 processing tables (programs) that average approximately 220 lines of code each.
Some processing tables, like the one controlling the order entry process are very large, with well over 4,000 lines of code; while other are fairly small with maybe 50 lines of code.
We can estimate that the entire flowerSoft Systems program (all modules) have over 1,500,000 lines of code and no bugs! 🙂

There are also 1,586 indeces, keeping all your information organized.

Reports?  At present count there are 1,498 different reports in flowerSoft.  No wonder you have trouble finding some of them!

Menus?  1.007 different ones.

Data entry screens? 3,043

So yes, flowerSoft is big, very big and getting bigger each day.

When flowerSoft was first introduced, 40MB hard drives were the norm.
I remember telling a flowerSoft customer after he got a 1 GB drive that he would never have to get a bigger hard drive in his life.  That shows you how much I know.
Today, flowerSoft alone is over 1GB and that is with no data.

I have backup drives today that are 2 Terrabytes (that’s 2000 GB) and thumb drives that are 8GB, that’s 8 times bigger than the biggest one I thought anyone would ever need just 20 years ago.

Can’t wait to see what is coming down the pike.



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