flowerSoft Will Stop Supporting ICVerify

As mentioned previously, as of July 1st, 2013 flowerSoft will stop supporting versions of flowerSoft which used ICVerify to obtain credit card approvals.

What does this mean?  It means that if as of July 1st, 2013 you are still using a version of flowerSoft that does not interface with Merchant Warehouse, you will not be able to receive any new updates or features from flowerSoft.  In addition, if the credit card numbers stored in your system become compromised for any reason, your are liable for stiff fines and charges for external audits.

The reason for this decision is to make flowerSoft PCI compliant and remove it from the scope of the Payment Application Data Security Standard (PA-DSS).

In the past, flowerSoft had interfaced with ICVerify to obtain approvals of credit card transactions, however this method did not pass the PA-DSS standards because credit cards are kept in your computer or server.

Recently, I received this email from ICVerify:

“Dear Valued Partner,

I’d like to take this opportunity to inform you of the current status of ICVERIFY as it pertains to your POS integration, your merchants and their PCI compliance status.

Please refer to the attached End-of-Life notice and make note that we are retiring ICVERIFY Software Version 4.0.4 (all builds) and earlier as of June 30, 2013.  No new support contracts or new product sales will be supported after that date.  Any existing support contracts will be supported for the duration of their term.”

So, as of that date,  flowerSoft will stop supporting versions using ICVerify to get approvals.

We have now teamed up with Merchant Warehouse to provide a PCI and PA-DSS compliant version of flowerSoft, that does not require that you keep credit card numbers in your system.

This is the only version of flowerSoft that will be supported as of July 1st, 2013.

So, it is imperative for you, if you have not already done so, to request a quote from Merchant Warehouse.

We have provided them with the name and telephone numbers of all current flowerSoft customers, but if you have not received a called from them or if you have received a call but dismissed it as just another salesman trying to sell me something, please let me know and I’ll have them call you again.

We have many customers who have already switched to Merchant Warehouse and they all report to have received very competitive rates and their support is free and excellent, especially when compared to ICVerify’s.

They also provide state of the art equipment, as shown on the flyer below, that will make your shop able to accept all new forms of payment coming in the near future.

So again, I urge you to switch to Merchant Warehouse and upgrade to the latest version of flowerSoft (which is absolutely free of charge once you switch) as soon as possible, as it takes time to  upgrade your system and get it ready to accept credit cards through the web.

Thank you for your support,

George Simon





2 thoughts on “Notice

  1. George, would you use an agnostic gateway so being forced to use Merchant Warehouse is not mandatory? There are many to choose from and can help, so that your software does not become like that of FTD and Telaflora. Allowing a customer to choose their own merchant processor is important to many and Merchant Warehouse does not allow that, thus not maintaining the spirit of your software to be independent in the floral industry.


    1. I hear you Keith, but we already spent a lot of time and money on the interface with Merchnt Warehouse.
      As you know, there are many credit card processing outfits and they all claim to be the best.
      We chose to interface with Merchant Warehouse because independent reviewers always rank them as one of the best for small businesses.
      So far, all the flowerSoft customers that have switched to them have nothing but good things to say.
      Take a look at this:
      and this


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