Tip #117 – How to Pull Occasion Reminders

Tip #117
How to Pull Occasion Reminders

Got a question today but it was posted as a comment to the Announcement post, so to keep it organized I am posting it here.

The question was…


I am planning to print my postcards for March – Easter is March 31st, but last year it was in April.

How do I do this?

The answer is, the same way as if Easter had fallen in April this year too.

Here are the steps…







The thing to remember is that you can pull occasion reminders whenever you want for whatever time period you want.

If you wanted to  pull and mail occasion reminders for Mother’s Day now, you could if you wanted to.  Just select the date range when the holiday took place last year.

What flowerSoft does is reads through the sales file using the dates you supply and pulling orders with the occasion you specify.

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