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LevelUp is a mobile payment (m-payment) and rewards service for consumer business transactions using smartphones. The service and its associated app are available for iPhones and Android-based phones, and the mobile Web on other devices. A physical card is also available.

LevelUp associates the users’ devices or cards with their debit and/or credit card and assigns each a unique QR(quick response) code (a type of 2D barcode). To conduct a transaction, the user simply scans the QR code at a business checkout.

LevelUp is free for both customers and merchants. The service offers customers first-time visit specials and also credit lines with specific merchants. Merchants don’t have to pay the usual transaction processing fees associated with debit and credit card transactions. LevelUp makes money on a percentage of profits generated through customer loyaltyprograms.

LevelUp launched in March 2011. By August 2012, the service had 200,000 users, who were making payments through 3,000 merchants. LevelUp is owned by SCVNGR, a Boston-based company whose first product was a location-based gaming and rewards service (also called SCVNGR).

SCVNGR founder and CEO Seth Priebatsch says that his ultimate goal with LevelUp is to stimulate and revolutionize the global economy.


Coming soon…

Coming soon…

flowerSoft Silver 2013 will soon enable you to accept LevelUp payments.

What is LevelUp?

For Customers:
Short version: LevelUp is the free app that enables you to pay with your phone!
Long Version: LevelUp is the free app that enables you to pay with your phone at thousands of businesses nationwide. When you try a new place on LevelUp, you’ll instantly get a few bucks to spend there. Think of it as the business saying “Hey, thanks for giving us a try!” And, that’s not all. You’ll unlock more money as you go back to your favorite places. Think of it as the business saying “Thanks for coming back. We recognize that you’re one of our best customers!”
For Businesses:
LevelUp is the Interchange Zero Payment Network. LevelUp adds value to your business in three powerful ways:

  1. LevelUp enables you to accept mobile payments.
  2. LevelUp eliminates payment processing fees. When a customer pays you $5, you get $5.
  3. LevelUp helps you to attract and retain customers through LevelUp Campaigns, highly trackable forms of advertising.

What forms of LevelUp exist? LevelUp can be an app on a customer’s smart phone(Windows, IPhone or Android), or a LevelUp card with their QR code.

Stayed tuned for more details coming soon.