Daily Archives: January 17, 2013


From Molly, Owner of Aburn Florist
Auburn, MA – (508) 832-3217

We received a nice note from Molly with her quarterly support  payment check.
It read, and I quote:

”                                          1-13-13
George –
                  Hello!  We just came
through our first major holiday
using Flowersoft after having
one previous year in the system.
                  It was great – able to
use the history!  So,
THANK YOU for making our
work easier — Molly”

Well Molly, thank you for letting us know.
It is always nice to hear from happy customers and if you can think of any way
in which we can improve flowerSoft or add a new feature you would like to have,
let us know and we’ll try to make you even happier. 🙂