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Tip #115 – Adding a Memo to an Order

Tip #115
Adding a Memo to an Order

Perhaps most of you already know this, but just in case someone doesn’t, flowerSoft allows you to add memos to any order.

You can add the memo either while taking a new order or after you have saved the order.  Here is how…

Press F3 and then the down arrow to display the additional options that do not fit on the first screen.


Now press M to add a memo to the order.  Once you are familiar with this option, there is no need to press the down arrow, you can just simply press F3 and then M at any time after the invoice number has been assigned.  The following screen will pop up…

Add the test and then hit the Esc to record the memo or Ctrl + C to cancel the entry.

After the order has been entered, if you need to add a memo to the order, bring the order up with the Edit/View Orders option and then press M to access the M options.  From there, press 1 to add a memo to the order.


After a memo has been added to an order, any time you bring the order up from the Edit/View orders option, the following message will display…


If you answer Y to the view memo question, the following will appear…


You can attach as many memos as you need to a single order.