Tip #113 – Recurring (Standing) Orders “Gotcha”

Tip #113
Recurring Orders ‘Gotcha’

I’ve been getting and answering this question at least once a year for the past 20 years, so I guess it is time to put in the blog as a “gotcha’.

This is the question I get and not necessarily from newbies, some pretty knowledgable users have asked it too:

“How come when I try to set up this order as a recurring order, no matter  how many times I try to tell flowerSoft that I want to repeat the order every month, flowerSoft will not let me and keeps saying that is going to repeat the order once a year?”


Well, this is one of those times when flowerSoft ‘thinks’ you are making a mistake and will not let you, no matter how hard you try to make it.

If this has happened to you or if it ever does happen to you, check the order’s occasion.  I’ll bet you the occasion is either BIRTHDAY, ANNIVERSARY or HOLIDAY.

Those occasions usually only come around once a year and flowerSoft will not allow you to change the frequency, no matter how hard you try.

But what if you do know better than flowerSoft, and you and your customer want to repeat this order every month even though the occasion reads Birthday?

Do you see the prompt at the bottom of the screen that reads Press F8 to Access Calendar?  Try it.  This is what you’ll get:


See that prompt “A – Allow Me to Change Recurring Order Frequency”?  That prompt only comes up when the order you are trying to make recurring has either a birthday, anniversary or holiday occasion.  OK, go ahead and hit A.  What happens?  This happens…


flowerSoft now lets you select whichever  frequency you want to use, including the ‘specific dates” frequency.


Make sure you select the correct starting date, as flowerSoft will still show the date that the first order would have taken place if the frequency was still once a year.


So, there you have it.  flowerSoft will allow you to be ‘wrong’ if you really want to. 🙂

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