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Tip #112 – Routing Your Deliveries (Cont.)

Tip #112
Routing Your Deliveries (Cont.)

Now, some of you do not use the route & receipt forms flowerSoft can generate for you.  WHy?  I don’t know.  If you do your own deliveries, you should be using the route & receipt forms not only to route your deliveries but also to indicate orders have been delivered and enabling the sending of delivery confirmations to FTD and Teleflora.

Being as it may, still some of you do not use that flowerSoft function.  So here is another way to route your deliveries.

Follow this path: D > A > L > and you’ll end up here:


From this menu, select option #1 to view today’s deliveries or #7 to view tomorrow’s deliveries.  When you select one of those options, the following screen will be displayed:


From here, select option #1 – All Orders and then the following will be displayed:


Notice the prompt reading A-Add to Map.
Highlight and hit A to select the orders you want to route.  Each time you hit A on a highlighted order, a check mark will appear under the MAP? column.
To un-select an order, highlighted and hit A again.  So the A work as a toggle switch for selecting and un-selecting orders to be included in the map.


Once you finish selecting all the orders you want to route, press either G to go to Google Maps or M to go to MapQuest.

For Mapquest follow the directions outlined in Tip #111 (Ctrl + A, Ctrl +C, Alt +F4 and the paste into text box area)

rr36 rr35

Please note that MapQuest and probably Google also have a limit of 26 addresses that can be mapped.  This includes the start and end addresses (your shop) and is probably because there are only 26 letters in the alphabet.  flowerSoft allows to enter up to 30 order addresses in a route & receipt form.