Tip #110 – Routing Your Deliveries With MapQuest

Tip #110
Routing Your Deliveries with MapQuest

If you go back and look at tip #068, you’ll see how to display your deliveries on a map using Google maps.  Google maps, however, does not optimize your route.  There are companies that do optimize the routes but they charge for that service. As we mentioned on that post, one such company is myrouteonline.

However, it just came to my attention yesterday (thank you David Watson of Flowerama in Las Cruces, NM) that MapQuest is now offering that service for free!

So after doing some investigating on how to be able to send your deliveries to MapQuest, I’ve come up with this method.  It requires a little work on your part because there is a section of Mapquest where you can upload a file with the addresses that is not working, at least not for me, at this time.  Maybe in the near future it will be and then routing your deliveries will be even easier.

But for now, here is what you need to do:

Route your deliveries using the Dispatcher’s menu option “Q – Route & Receipt Forms” and then select option “R – Request a Route & Receipt Form



Route you deliveries as usual…


When finished, save you list as usual…


Print your route and receipt for as usual


After printing the form, flowerSoft would normally ask you if you want to display a Google map of the deliveries requested.


This question has now been eliminated.
After the “Print Again? (y/N)” question normally following the first print request, flowerSoft will do something different than in the past.
Instead of taking you back to the menu, it will take you back to the route & receipt for just printed.


From there, you will now be able to select whether you want to use Google Maps or MapQuest to display and route your deliveries.

The Google Maps function remains the same, see post #068.  How to use MapQuest will be explained on the next post.

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