Tip #108 – Personal Customer Messages

Tip #108
Personal Customer Messages

With flowerSoft Silver 2013, you’ll be able to add personal messages to statements and emails sent to customers.

In order to accommodate this new feature, we had to make some changes to the Client Operations option of the Manager’s menu.

Here is how the menu will look now:


Instead of all the options being in one page, I’ve moved some of the less-used options to a second page.  This also gives me the ability to add more options to this menu in the future.

The next page of the menu will look like this…


and highlighted you will see the new Customer’s Personal Messages option.

What this new option will do is send a personal 1-line message on statements and  emails sent to the customer.  Here is how it works…


You will add a record for each customer you want to send a personalized message to.  Let’s say you have a customer who hasn’t paid his bill for a couple of months, you can send them a message saying “Your account is overdue!  Please pay as soon as possible.” and only that customer will see that message printed on their statement.

Here is what the screen will look like…


As you can see, the message is limited to 1 60-character line and the message can be included in statements or emails sent to the customer.

Below are some examples…




Most of you will not have this feature available yet as it is only included in flowerSoft’s new version, flowerSoft Silver 2013 and I am reluctant to install updates before a major holiday.

If you can think of any way in which this new feature can be improved, please let me know.

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