Tip #107 – Multiple Orders, a Different Way

Tip #107
Multiple Orders, a Different Way

Most of you know how to do multiple orders by selecting option #4 from the New Orders menu.
I guess that works well for orders where the customer walks into the store or phone orders when the # of recipients is 5 or less.

However, some of you are lucky enough to have customers that give 20, 30, 40 or more orders during a holiday, especially during Christmas.

Such large orders (we have one flowerSoft user that gets well over 200 orders from one single customer every Christmas, all going to different recipients) are obviously not meant to be entered while the customer is on the phone with you.

Most those orders are received through an email or a paper copy, indicating what is to be sent to each recipient.  Many times the product and value of the product are different for each recipient.

There is no getting around it, the first time you enter such an order is a lot of work, as there is nothing save in the system.

However, the following year if you are fortunate enough to get the same order from the same customer, flowerSoft can make entering the order a lot easier to manage with a lot less work on your part.

I know you are going to want to know how, except for the few of you who already know how to do this, but here it is for the rest of you that are not aware how to easily get these huge orders into flowerSoft.

  1. Go into the New Orders menu and start entering an order the way you normally do for the customer.
  2. When you get to the “Ordered By” field, press F8 to display the customers order history.  Remember, to do this the customer must have placed a similar order with you the previous year and you must have entered them into flowerSoft,
  3. Once the customer’s order history displays, you will notice that at the bottom of the screen, one of the options flowerSoft gives you is to “Mark/UnMark” the highlighted order.


After you hit M on each highlighted order that you want to mark, flowerSoft will display  a check (v) mark to the right side of the order on the screen.  See below.


Now please also notice that there is another option that reads P – Process Marked.

Once you finish marking all the existing orders that are repeated on this new orders, you can hit P to process the new orders.

What this will do is cause flowerSoft to start bringing up each order marked to be processed and allow you to make any necessary changes to the order, such as the delivery date.

flowerSoft will bring up each order in the order in which they were marked.  Make the necessary changes and save each one individually.

One thing, after the first order is processed, the method of payment cannot be changed.
In other words if the marked orders have different methods of payment, the new orders will all have the method of payment of the first ordered processed.

Once all the marked orders are processed, flowerSoft will display the message shown below.


There you have it, an easier way to enter those huge orders from your wonderful customer(s) into flowerSoft.

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