Tip #106 – “Rescuing” a Lost Order

Tip #106
Rescuing an Order

Here I thought that everyone new about this feature and I just found out that it is not the case.

As you enter an order into flowerSoft, a backup copy of the order is being made at certain points.
This is transparent to the user in other words, you do not see it happening.
As a matter of fact, flowerSoft backs up the order 13 times from the moment you start the order to the time you finish it.

You may wonder why flowerSoft does this and it would be a good question.  Let me explain.

As you probably know, flowerSoft has been around for 25 years.  Back in those days, PCs were not as powerful as they are today, they did not have the amount of memory (RAM) they have today and were in general a lot less reliable than they are today.

It was not unusual for a computer program to crash one or more times in a day with “insufficient memory available” or “too many open files” errors.
As you can imagine, this is not a good thing when you are almost finished entering an order and the program goes to a “blue” screen and displays an error message.
As bad as this is, it is not as terrible as having it happen after the customer has hung up the phone and you do not have a way to call them back.
So many years ago, in order to minimize the devastating effect of the program falling out with some sort of error, flowerSoft started making backup copies of the order as the user kept inputting information.  The idea was that if the program spit out an error and closed, the user would always be able to bring the order back to a point close to where the error had occurred.

This has worked very well for many years but as computers got better and more powerful, these errors  thankfully have either disappeared or do not happen with much frequency.
Hence, some of you might not be aware that such a feature exist.

If at any time you either get a flowerSoft error message or a system error message or the power goes off in the store while you were in the middle of an order, you can most of the time bring the order back to a point very close to where you were when the event occurred.

Most times, the error occurs after you have selected to print the order which is just before flowerSoft starts posting the information to all related files.  Sometimes the error flashes on the screen so fast that it does not give you a chance to read it.  Therefore, it is possible that you may not be aware that an error occurred until days later when you may go looking for the order in the computer and you cannot find it.

So how do you access this magical feature?

Very simple, when in the New Orders menu, instead of selecting one of the options available, hit the letter “R” (for Rescue) and you will be presented with a list of all the orders flowerSoft has made a backup of.


And if you ask “How am I supposed to know this?”, I will simply ask you to look at the bottom of the screen of the New Orders menu where it reads…


and if you do press F10, you will see…


Let’s say that you either got an error or power went off in the store while entering order #43525.
All you have to do is press “R” from the New Orders menu and highlight the order you were working on when the error occurred or the power went off and hit the <Enter> key.


Like magic, flowerSoft brings your order back to life.


Now, do not be concerned about the size of the list displayed.  They are not all missing orders, they are backed up copies of orders that most probably exist in you orders database.  They are there just in case you ever need to bring one or more them back.

And if you ever try to rescue an order that already exists in the orders file, you will be greeted with this message…


Now, let this feature not make you think you do not need to back up your data.  This “rescue” feature is part of your data. If you do not back it up, it too will be missing from your system.

This feature is meant to only rescue a missing order, not to restore the data in your system.

I cannot stress enough the need to do backups on a regular basis.  Preferably every day, but at least once a week.

So there you have it, how to “rescue” a lost order.

2 thoughts on “Tip #106 – “Rescuing” a Lost Order

  1. Hey G–

    I use the R and everyone here knows what the R does as well,

    They may not remember where it is, but they know we

    have it, so typically we go thru tests, where I tell someone to go “do this” and find where it is, like how to Update an

    order, or change a card message, or find the delivery info. About backing your system up, I back up once a day, everyday,

    to my flash drive, and a 2nd hard drive that mirrors everything I do, on the Server, now I have 2 ways of saving data. That even goes for IC Verify, and Quickbooks. I can’t believe there are FS users out there that don’t do this.. its cheap this way, not the other way..

    have a great holiday!!


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