Daily Archives: December 15, 2012

How to log into flowerSoft’s Dropbox

I’ve had a couple of questions on how to log into the dropbox.  Here is the explanation.

Log into http://www.dropbox.com

If you do not have a Dropbox, you should be able to see a “Sign In” prompt at the top tight-hand corner of the screen.

Sign in using info@flowersoftusa.com as the email address and flowerSoft2013 as the password.

You will then be logged into flowerSoft’s dropbox and you should be able to download the files you want.

If you do not have a dropbox, you should get one.  It is free.

However, if you already have a Dropbox account, you may see your name at the upper right-hand corner of the screen.


If you do, you are logged into your own dropbox.  You have to log into mine, so click on the down arrowhead to the right of the name and sign out from your Dropbox account.


You should then be able to see the “Sign in” prompt.


Use info@flowersoftusa.com and flowerSoft2013 to sign in.


You should then see a folder called “Files for flowerSoft Users”.  Go into that folder and you should be able to see the files available to be downloaded into your system.

Right-click of the file you want and then click on “Download”


Your computer should then ask you if you want to open or save the file.  I guess most of you would want to save it but click on the down arrowhead to the right of Save and select Save as, this will give you an opportunity to select the folder where you want to download the file into.

Hope this helps those of you who are having trouble logging into Dropbox.