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Tip #105 – Exiting flowerSoft Properly

Tip #105
Exiting Properly at the End of the Day

This is a problem I see constantly.  As a matter of fact I saw it yesterday at three different shops while trying to upgrade their systems to flowerSoft 2013.

At the end of the day you must exit the New Orders menu and take your computer to flowerSoft’s Main menu.

badgirl02 badgirl01

If you leave the computer at this screen, you prevent backup programs from backing up very important files and prevent me from fully upgrading your system when performing an upgrade or update.

This action can lead to the loss of data!

Please, please, please… exit the New Orders menu before you go home at night.

Tip #104 – Customer’s Receipient History

Tip #104
Recipient History

Do you know that you can view a customer’s¬†recipient history by pressing F4 from the “Deliver To” field?

Pressing F4 from the “Deliver To” field will bring up a list of all the recipients the customer has sent flowers to.



But did you know that once you select the recipient the flowers are being sent to…


You have the option to press F4 again from the recipient’s telephone # field, to view the orders that the customer has sent to that particular recipient?


So there you have it, 2 different types of recipient history.¬† The first one is the customer’s recipient history, which means every person the customer has sent flowers to.

The second recipient history is the recipient’s order history, and that is every order that your customer has sent that particular recipient.

Please note that it is not every order you have delivered to that recipient, but every order that the customer has sent the recipient.

Also note that you can view each of those orders and then copy them into the current order if you wish.