Tip #103 – EFM (Exclude From Mailings) Accounts

Tip #103
EFM Accounts

Sometimes I get calls from users asking me why a certain account did not get a statement when they had charges during the billing period.

The answer is sometimes that the account was marked as an EFM account.
EFM means Exclude From Mailings, therefore if an account has a “Y” in that field, flowerSoft will not select it to receive a statement.


Another reason an account may not get a statement even though they owe you money is because the did not have any transactions during the current billing period and you forgot to calculate finance/re-billing charges.

If an account does not have any transactions for the billing period and you select “Print All Accounts With Activity? = “Y”, accounts that did not have a transaction during the current period will not be selected.


So remember that even if you do not charge your customers finance or re-billing charges, you must still run through the process so that flowerSoft can insert a transaction (even if for no money) into the account’s activity for the period.

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