Tip #102 – Navigating the “Items Sold” Screen

Tip #102
Navigating the Items Sold Screen

Recently, a new user was having trouble navigating the “Items Sold” screen.
If you have any new employees having similar difficulties or if you yourself find it challenging to navigate the flowerSoft screens, here is a short tutorial that should help you conquer the beast.

When you get to the “Items Ordered” screen, flowerSoft will display the following:


If the quantity is not “1”, then change it to whatever it needs to be…


Enter your item code or the description of whatever you are selling…

Now enter the unit price for the item you are selling…


As you can see, after you enter an amount in the “Unit Price” field, flowerSoft multiplies it by the quantity and puts the result in the “Amount” column.

It then takes you to the next line and again puts a “1” in the “Quant.” Field.

If at that point you do not have any more items to enter, you can hit “Page Down” as shown at the bottom of the screen.

If you have more items to enter, you repeat the process shown above.

However, if you do not have any more items to enter but want to expand on the description of the item sold, you can hit the <Enter> key past the “Quant.”, “Code” and “Description” fields.


When you do that flowerSoft assumes that you are not selling any items on that line but you want to add to the description of the item sold above.

It then puts two asterisks at the beginning of the description field and allows you to type away.

It does this so that it will know that you are not selling an item on the line and it should allow you to continue past the “Unit Price” field without forcing you to enter an amount.


flowerSoft will keep adding the 2 asterisk to the beginning of the “Description” field (it does not know when you are finished saying what you want to say) until you hit <Enter> without entering anything on the “Description” field.

If you do not enter any text after the two asterisks, flowerSoft will erase the asterisks from the beginning of the “Description” field and put a “1” in the “Quant.” Field, in case you have more items to sell.


Again, if at this point you are finished entering items, hit the <Page Down> key and flowerSoft will take you to the next screen.

If you need to go up the previous line, hit the <Up Arrow> cursor key and flowerSoft will place you at the beginning of the previous line.


On the figure above, you will notice that flowerSoft did not display a “1” in the quantity field.  This is because it knows that you have a comment (indicated by the 2 asterisks in the “Description” field) on that line.

If you need to get rid of that comment line or any other line on this screen, simply enter a zero in the “Quant.” Field and flowerSoft will delete whatever is on that line.  See below…



That is how you move around in flowerSoft.  You hit the <Enter> key to move from field to field and the <Arrow> keys to move up or down.

You hit <Page Down> to go to the next screen or <Page Up> to go to the previous one.

You can also hit the <F3> key to display a map of the order and go directly to any section.  See below…


And finally, if you need to cancel and get out of the order, hit the <Esc> key.

Before flowerSoft discards the order, it will ask you for confirmation.  See below…


Several times…




So you must really want to get out of the order if you hit the <Esc> key and answer “Y”es 3 times.

Once you learn the keys flowerSoft uses to navigate through the order, you should find it fairly easy to get to where you want to go.

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