Tip #099 – Selling on Consignment

Tip #099
Selling on Consignment

Do you have items that you sell on consignment?

If you do, the latest version of flowerSoft (2013) will provide an easy way for you to keep track of what you sell and how much to pay each consignor.

From the Manager’s menu, access the Inventory module and enter all the items you are selling on consignment.  There is a field on the screen that reads “Consignment Item?”  If you enter a “Y” on this field, flowerSoft will open a popup window where you can enter the name of the consignor and the percentage of the selling price the consignor is entitled to.  See below.

flowerSoft keeps track of the items you sell on consignment.  Once you are ready to settle with your consignors for the on consignment items sold, you can pull a report from flowerSoft that will tell you exactly how much you owe each consignor.
You do this selecting Inventory Reports from the Inventory Control menu and then selecting O – “On Consignment” Sales Report.

You can also select the same report from the Sales Reports menu, Sales Analysis Reports.

This is what the report will look like,,,

1 thought on “Tip #099 – Selling on Consignment

  1. great Idea G!!

    I have a friend that wanted to sell her Greeting Cards at our store, and I wondered how I was going to keep track of that!!! Nice Idea!!


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