Tip #097 – flowerSoft Training

Tip #097
flowerSoft Training

Do you or your some of your employees need training in certain areas of flowerSoft?
Would you like to be more efficient in the way you use flowerSoft?

We are now offering training over the internet.

Training sessions will last 2 hours and will be scheduled on Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday starting at  4PM EST.  The schedule will be posted well in advance of the training session.

The cost for each training session will be $150 and you can have as many participants (employees) as you want.

Payments for training sessions must be made by credit card at least 24 hours prior the scheduled sessions.

First training session scheduled for: Wednesday, September 12th starting at 4PM

Subject: Order Entry Tips and Advanced Seaching Methods.

Learn how to cut the time it takes you to enter an order.
Learn useful tricks and shortcuts.
Learn how to find any order or “on account” payment in flowerSoft even when you have very little information to go by.

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