Tip #096 – E-Mailing PDF Files

Tip #096
E-Mailing PFD Files

This is more of a news announcement than a tip for most of you, but flowerSoft can now send attachment to emails as PDF files instead of TEXT files.

We’ve had some flowerSoft users request that ability because some of their customers have requested that attachments be sent as PDF files instead of TEXT files.  The main reason for this request by customer has to be because a PDF file cannot be edited by the recipient, while a TEXT file can be changed.

Although this request is not exactly breand new as always, we try to find solutions that will not cost our customer any money if at all possible and that has taken a bit of time but now we have one.

So, if you have the very latest version of flowerSoft, you will now be presented with the following question when you send a copy of an invoice to a customer, or when you send statements via e-mail or any other action that attaches a document to an email:

When the recipient of your email opens up the attachment, it will look something like this…

 instead of this…

very little difference.

However, while there is very little difference in the way invoices look when viewed as a .pdf instead of a .txt file, there is a significant difference when reports or several invoices are sent in one .pdf file as opposed to a .txt file.

Formatting in a .pdf file will not be exactly the same as the original.  In other words, the wording and the orientation of the pages sill not be exactly the same as when the attachment is sent as a .txt file.  The page breaks will not occur in the same place in the .pdf file.

As a result, a report sent as a .pdf file or a group of invoices sent as a .pdf file will, when viewed by the recipient, look better as a .txt file than a .pdf file.  For that reason, we recommend that you do not use the .pdf option when emailing reports or group of invoices unless your customer requests it.

For that same reason, the default answer to the “Send as PDF” question will be controlled by an option in the “defaults” file.  In that file, you will have the option to control the default answer to be either Y or N when the question is asked.

So, if you need this new option like as of yesterday, let us know and we will upload the latest version of flowerSoft into your system ASAP.

2 thoughts on “Tip #096 – E-Mailing PDF Files

  1. Thanks George! It’s much appreciated by us and more so by our customers. Can we send statements by pdf also?


    1. Yes, you can send statements in pdf format also.
      However, remember I mentioned on Tip #096 that sometimes pagination is not perfect when sending pdf files.
      This would only affect accounts that have a lot of open invoices.


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