Tip #094 – Using the Holidays Database

Tip #094
Using the Holidays Database

We all know that flowerSoft will save any order marked with a HOLIDAY occasion into the Occasion Reminders file, so that you can send reminders to your customer next year.

However, because some month’s have more than one holiday, sometimes it becomes difficult  for you to answer the question flowerSoft asks each time it finds an occasion marked HOLIDAY.

The question, of course is, “What is the name of the holiday?” because we do not want to send reminders reading “celebrate Mary Jones holiday” or similar wording.  We would like it to read “celebrate Mary Jones Easter or Valentine’s Day, etc.

Now, when you are running occasion reminders for February, the answer to the question is very easy.  But if you are running occasion reminders for April, you will not know if the customer was celebrating Easter or Passover or Earth Day or Administrative Assistant Week.

flowerSoft gives you a way to take the guesswork out of the picture and that is by providing you with a Holiday database.

This database does require maintenance, as a lot of holidays do not fall on the same date every year, but maintenance is fairly easy with the help of some links available on the web.

The first thing you have to do to start using this feature is tell flowerSoft that you want to use it.
To do this, you go to the Manager’s menu > System Information > Defaults menu > Operating Defaults
Update the record for your shop, usually #1, and navigate to page #21 by pressing the Page Down key after you are in update mode.  Take care not to accidentally change any of the other setting in the defaults record.  We only want to change the setting on page #21 that reads “Display Holiday List When Order Has a Holiday Occasion”.

Let’s say the customer asks for a delivery date of 09/01/2012.  flowerSoft will then search the holiday database and display a list of holidays occurring on or after the delivery date.

All you have to do is highlight the correct holiday and hit the Enter key.  flowerSoft will now know that this HOLIDAY order was to celebrate the holiday you selected and not a different one falling on the same month.

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