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Tip #097 – flowerSoft Training

Tip #097
flowerSoft Training

Do you or your some of your employees need training in certain areas of flowerSoft?
Would you like to be more efficient in the way you use flowerSoft?

We are now offering training over the internet.

Training sessions will last 2 hours and will be scheduled on Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday starting at  4PM EST.  The schedule will be posted well in advance of the training session.

The cost for each training session will be $150 and you can have as many participants (employees) as you want.

Payments for training sessions must be made by credit card at least 24 hours prior the scheduled sessions.

First training session scheduled for: Wednesday, September 12th starting at 4PM

Subject: Order Entry Tips and Advanced Seaching Methods.

Learn how to cut the time it takes you to enter an order.
Learn useful tricks and shortcuts.
Learn how to find any order or “on account” payment in flowerSoft even when you have very little information to go by.

Tip #096 – E-Mailing PDF Files

Tip #096
E-Mailing PFD Files

This is more of a news announcement than a tip for most of you, but flowerSoft can now send attachment to emails as PDF files instead of TEXT files.

We’ve had some flowerSoft users request that ability because some of their customers have requested that attachments be sent as PDF files instead of TEXT files.  The main reason for this request by customer has to be because a PDF file cannot be edited by the recipient, while a TEXT file can be changed.

Although this request is not exactly breand new as always, we try to find solutions that will not cost our customer any money if at all possible and that has taken a bit of time but now we have one.

So, if you have the very latest version of flowerSoft, you will now be presented with the following question when you send a copy of an invoice to a customer, or when you send statements via e-mail or any other action that attaches a document to an email:

When the recipient of your email opens up the attachment, it will look something like this…

 instead of this…

very little difference.

However, while there is very little difference in the way invoices look when viewed as a .pdf instead of a .txt file, there is a significant difference when reports or several invoices are sent in one .pdf file as opposed to a .txt file.

Formatting in a .pdf file will not be exactly the same as the original.  In other words, the wording and the orientation of the pages sill not be exactly the same as when the attachment is sent as a .txt file.  The page breaks will not occur in the same place in the .pdf file.

As a result, a report sent as a .pdf file or a group of invoices sent as a .pdf file will, when viewed by the recipient, look better as a .txt file than a .pdf file.  For that reason, we recommend that you do not use the .pdf option when emailing reports or group of invoices unless your customer requests it.

For that same reason, the default answer to the “Send as PDF” question will be controlled by an option in the “defaults” file.  In that file, you will have the option to control the default answer to be either Y or N when the question is asked.

So, if you need this new option like as of yesterday, let us know and we will upload the latest version of flowerSoft into your system ASAP.

Tip #095 – Upsells

Tip #095

I guess everyone reading this is familiar with the term “upsell” but just in case anyone isn’t, here is what Wikipedia has to say…

Upselling (sometimes “up-selling“) is a sales technique whereby a seller induces the customer to purchase more expensive items, upgrades, or other add-ons in an attempt to make a more profitable sale. Upselling usually involves marketing more profitable services or products but can also be simply exposing the customer to other options that were perhaps not considered previously.

Essentially, an upsell involves recommending another product to the customer before or after they have purchased their initial product.

Without an upsell, you are making a basic amount of sales and restricting your profits.

But with an upsell, you are maximizing your sales by increasing your profit per customer.  The key to a perfect upsell is to be relevant.

For example, if a customer comes in to purchase a birthday arrangement a relevant “upsell” item would be mylar balloons or a plush toy animal.

flowerSoft allows you to set up automatic “upsell” items that will display once the customer is finished ordering what he or she originally called or came in to order.

The “upsell” item or items will automatically display on the screen,  for you or your employees to ask the customer if they would also like to order the additional items.

In addition, flowerSoft allows you to mark upsells as commissionable and indicate a commission percent or amount.

Here is how to set up automatic upsells in flowerSoft.

First, go into the Manager’s menu, select the Marketing option and from the Marketing option select Upsells.

Upon selecting the Upsells option, the following menu will be displayed:

Select the A – Add Upsell Items option.

Look at the upsell item above.

All upsell items must have an item code, a “Start on Date” and an  “End on Date”.
You must also indicate when the upsell will be suggested.  The only options are “Always” or “Never”.
These 2 options, along with the “Start On Date” and the “End On Date” fields will give you complete control as to when the upsells will be displayed.

In the example above, we have indicated that the upsell should start on any order with a delivery date equal or greater than 01/01/2012 and end when the delivery date is greater than 12/31/9999.  Since that will never happen, we are in effect saying that we want the upsell to run forever.
We are also indicating to flowerSoft that we do not want the upsell displayed when the occasion is a SYMPATHY occasion.

We are designating the upsell as commissionable and the commission will be 10% of the selling price of the upsell.

Upsells can also de defined for specific occasion or dates, for example…

This upsell will be displayed only during the Valentine’s Day holiday period in 2013.
Why?  Because we have indicated the start and end delivery dates to be between 02/01/2013 and 02/14/2013 and we have also indicated that this upsell should never be shown except if the order’s occasion is a holiday.

If the item code you are specifying for the upsell, flowerSoft will give you the opportunity to add it at that time, as shown below.

Now, let’s see what happens when we are taking an order for delivery on 02/14/2012.

So here we have the order, which is being delivered on Valentine’s Day of 2012.  Notice also that the occasion is HOLIDAY.  WIthout a HOLIDAY occasion, the Valentine Mylar Balloon upsell will not show.  We’ll show you that later.

As soon as you finish entering the item or items the customer wants to purchase and you hit Page Down to go to the next screen, flowerSoft will display a list of upsells that are in effect for the delivery date requested.  See below.

As you can see, 3 different upsells are displayed.  The HAPPY VALENTINE DAY mylar because we specified that we wanted it displayed between 02/01/2013 and 02/14/2013 and the other 2 because we specified that we wanted to always display them except when the occasion was SYMPATHY.

Note that to select the upsell sold to the customer, if one is sold, you must highlight the upsell and hit S.  Simply hitting the Enter key will not select the highlighted upsell.

After you press S to select the highlighted upsell, flowerSoft will ask you for the quantity sold.  It defaults to 1, but you can enter any number you want in that field.

If the upsell has a designated price, flowerSoft will not ask you for the price, but if it doesn’t, it will do so.

If there are several upsells to choose from, flowerSoft will keep the upsell window up until you hit X or Enter to exit the upsells.
This gives you the opportunity to upsell more than one item.

Once you hit X or Enter to exit the upsells, flowerSoft will bring up the next logical screen automatically for you.

And remember, that flowerSoft will also generate a commissions report for you.

So there you have it, a way to increase your sales without much effort.

Tip #094 – Using the Holidays Database

Tip #094
Using the Holidays Database

We all know that flowerSoft will save any order marked with a HOLIDAY occasion into the Occasion Reminders file, so that you can send reminders to your customer next year.

However, because some month’s have more than one holiday, sometimes it becomes difficult  for you to answer the question flowerSoft asks each time it finds an occasion marked HOLIDAY.

The question, of course is, “What is the name of the holiday?” because we do not want to send reminders reading “celebrate Mary Jones holiday” or similar wording.  We would like it to read “celebrate Mary Jones Easter or Valentine’s Day, etc.

Now, when you are running occasion reminders for February, the answer to the question is very easy.  But if you are running occasion reminders for April, you will not know if the customer was celebrating Easter or Passover or Earth Day or Administrative Assistant Week.

flowerSoft gives you a way to take the guesswork out of the picture and that is by providing you with a Holiday database.

This database does require maintenance, as a lot of holidays do not fall on the same date every year, but maintenance is fairly easy with the help of some links available on the web.

The first thing you have to do to start using this feature is tell flowerSoft that you want to use it.
To do this, you go to the Manager’s menu > System Information > Defaults menu > Operating Defaults
Update the record for your shop, usually #1, and navigate to page #21 by pressing the Page Down key after you are in update mode.  Take care not to accidentally change any of the other setting in the defaults record.  We only want to change the setting on page #21 that reads “Display Holiday List When Order Has a Holiday Occasion”.

Let’s say the customer asks for a delivery date of 09/01/2012.  flowerSoft will then search the holiday database and display a list of holidays occurring on or after the delivery date.

All you have to do is highlight the correct holiday and hit the Enter key.  flowerSoft will now know that this HOLIDAY order was to celebrate the holiday you selected and not a different one falling on the same month.