Tip #092 – Employee Productivity

Tip #092
Employee Productivity

If you wish to do so, flowerSoft gives you a way to determine employee productivity.

Employee productivity is based on the initials entered in the “Sold By”, “Entered By”, “Designed By” and “Delivered By” fields.

flowerSoft will try to match the initials entered in those fields with the initials found for the different employees in the Employee Records file.  Therefore, it is very important for this function to work properly that initials are entered properly in those fields.

Because many times the “Sold By” and “Entered By” initials are the same, flowerSoft will not count the initials entered in the “Entered By” field of an order if they match the initials found in the “Sold By” field.

flowerSoft will attempt to calculate productivity for a one year period, ending on the date you select.  The productivity figures will be broken up by months, so that you can compare any month with a prior one.

Here is how you get to this option: M > R > E > Password > 1

flowerSoft will display the following:

flowerSoft will default to the end of the previous month but you can change the date to whatever you want.

You will have to tell flowerSoft whether or not you want to include incoming orders.  flowerSoft defaults to “Yes” because otherwise the designer and driver would not get credit for the incoming orders.

Verify that this is what you want and flowerSoft will respond with the following:

So there you have it.  Now you now how to measure employee productivity.

If you have any ideas on how to improve this feature, please let me know.

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