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Tip #091 – Sending Reminders to Employees

Tip #091
Sending reminders to employees

This is a feature that has been part of flowerSoft for many years but, to be honest, I don’t know of many that use it or even know about it.

If you want to remind one or all of your employees of some task they should perform, flowerSoft offers you an easy way to do it.


From the Manager’s menu, got to E – Employee Operations and then to R – Reminder to Employees.  Alternatively, you can press Y from the New Orders menu.

The “Reminders” menu will display.

  • Now select option A – Add New Reminders.  The following screen will display.

Fill the reminder information as shown, using your own parameters.
Please notice that the “Send To” field should only sal “ALL” if the reminder is to be sent to all employees.
If the reminder is to be sent to a particular employee, enter his or her initials in this field.

The reminder will stop displaying after the “End Date”.

Once the employee or employees who have been targeted to receive the reminder finish entering an order or a payment on account, the reminder will display as shown below:

If you have a Y in the “Request Read Receipt”, the recipient or recipients of the message must acknowledge having read the message.

If they do not acknowledge, the reminder will keep displaying at the interval selected until they do acknowledge it.

If the recipient does not pres Y to acknowledge having read and understood the reminder, the following message will appear

That is all there is to it.

Tip #090 – Viewing Split Payments

Tip #090
Viewing Split Payments

Have you ever wondered how to view the different payments made on an order with a SPLIT method of payment?

Here is how:

  1. Bring up the order by using the Edit/View Orders option of the Orders Menu.

2. Once the order is on the screen, if the method of payment is split, you will see a promp at the bottom left of the screen telling you to press S to view the split payments.