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Tip #088 – Scanning UPC Codes

Tip #088
Scanning UPC Codes

Note:  This post only applies to flowerSoft 2013 and earlier versions)

Did you know that you can scan upc codes in flowerSoft?

If you sell items that are marked with upc codes, you can enter them into a flowerSoft order by simply scanning the code with a bar code scanner.

Or course, for you to be able to do this, the item must exist in flowerSoft’s inventory database.

So, the first thing to do is add the items you want to be able to scan to the inventory.  You do this from the Manager’s Menu
Option I – Inventory Control, A – Add Items to Inventory.

Next, you must tell flowerSoft that you are using a bar code scanner at the POS station.  You do this by modifying the shortcut on the desktop that starts flowerSoft on that station.  To modify the shortcut, right-click on it and select the option to edit it.

Once you left-click on “Edit”, Windows will open the batch file that controls flowerSoft at that station.

Once that window opens, navigate towards the bottom of the screen using the scroll bar on the right or the down arrow key until you get to a setting that reads “SET SCANNER”

Change the setting from N to Y as shown above.  Take care not to change any other settings unless you know what you are doing.

Once you make the change,  save the file by clicking on “File” at the top of the screen and then on “Save”

If you think you may have changed a setting by mistake, instead of clicking on save, click on exit and the batch file will remain as it was.

Once you click on “Save”, click on “File” again and then click on “Exit” to exit the editing process.

Once you have done this, that particular station is ready to start using a bar code scanner from flowerSoft.

Here is how:

Once you’ve set a station to use a bar code scanner, every time flowerSoft enters the “Code” field, it will display the pop-up box shown above.  Please note that this pop-up will only show on the stations you’ve indicated are using a bar code scanner.  All other station will behave normally, which means the pop-up box will not show.

Once the pop-up box is on the screen, scan the upc code of the item and flowerSoft will display all the information you filled for the item when you entered it on the inventory file.  If you are keeping inventory on the item, the # of units on hand will also decrease.

That is all there is to it folks, so if you have the need to scan gift items or birthday cards, flowerSoft will allow you to do it.