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Question #001

Question #001
Credit Card Expiration Date

Have any of you been getting credit cards with expiration dates beyond 2019?

flowerSoft would flag those cards as expired and ask you if you want to update the card.  If you answer “yes”, flowerSoft will allow you to continue.

I have a customer who has gotten 2 such cards, one expiring on 2020 and the other one on 2021!

I’ve never heard of credit cards expiring 9 years from today.  That’s crazy if true.

This all goes back to the Y2K problem of 1999.  On dates with 2-digit years (such as the credit card expiration date) I had to come up with a century mark (a 2-digit number) which demarcated the 20th and 21st centuries.  The number I chose was 20.  So an expiration date of 12/19 would be OK because flowerSoft considers any 2-digit year before 20 be in the 21st century.  So, an expiration date of 12/19 would be considered to be in the year 2019, while and expiration date of 12/20 would be considered to be in 1920.  Hence, flowerSoft proclaims that the card is expired.

The only place flowerSoft uses a 2-digit year is in the expiration date field.  All other date fields have 4-digit years and there is no problem with those dates.

So, if credit cards are now going to have expiration dates beyond 2019, I’ll change the 20 to 25 or 30.  That is an easy fix.  The only thing it would affect is a birthdate.  Some one born in 1931 would be considered to be 1-year-old by flowerSoft.  Not a big problem since the only place flowerSoft asks for a birth date is in the employee file and I don’t think many of you have employees born in the 1920’s or 30’s.

So, I’d like to have your input as to what year should I use for the century mark, 25 or 30.  Please let me know by voting in the poll below.