Tip #085 – Comparing Two Periods

Tip #085
Comparing Periods

If you have had flowerSoft for at least 1 year, one of the very interesting things you can do is compare two periods of time and see how your business is doing when compared to the same period a year ago.

Hopefully, all of you had a profitable Mother’s Day.  But, do you know if it was more profitable than last year?

Let’s learn how to do comparisons.

First of all, all the comparisons are accessed from the Manager’s menu > Financial Operations > Compare

This will bring you to the menu shown below.

Let’s first try to compare this Mother’s Day to last year’s Mother’s Day.

Go to option 8 – Sales comparisons/Analysis

The first thing you have to do is decide which dates you are going to use for your comparison.  In the one below, I decided to use a starting date 7 days from Mother’s Day and an end date of Mother’s date.  You can use whatever dates you feel are appropriate.

Using my dates, I came up with the following report.

This report tells me that, for the periods, I selected, I had 146 more orders this year than last.  It also shows me, though, that my average sale went down by $1.90.

So our revenues increased by $6,470.85 but we probably made less profit on each sale.

We also see that the big increase came from local orders, which is good.  Outgoing orders went down by a bit and incoming orders went down by quite a bit, which is probably also good.

Cash and credit card sales went up but sales ON ACCOUNT went down.  You could view this as good or bad, depending on how prompt your house account customers pay their bills.

A lot more people decided to come into the store to place this order this year than last, which probable explains the increase in cash sales.

So as you can see, this report offers you a lot of data for you to analyze.

Another comparison you can run is the product sales analysis.  This report will tell you what items sold and which ones did not when compared to a year ago and help you plan for next year.

Remember that you can run these reports at any time, so if you prefer to run them a month or so before a big holiday to help you plan, that is fine also.

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