Tip #080 – Professional Looking Delivery Confirmations

Tip #080
A professional-looking delivery confirmation

Carter’s Florist of St. Petersburg, Florida is a long-time flowerSoft user.
They have, what I consider, the best delivery confirmation in the industry.

Not only does Carter send a very nicely worded delivery confirmation to their customers as soon as the order gets delivered, ( as shown below) but they also take a picture of the arrangement before it goes out the door and attach it to the email!


Attached is a picture of your order we delivered on to:


Our Reference No.: 183947 has been successfully accomplished. 

Delivery was accepted by: STEVE COLE at 10:50AM Driver Notes:

Thank you for your patronage!
Your team at Carter’s:

Melissa A Barnes – Customer Service
Robert E Carlson – Design Associate
Charles E Staunko – Delivery Associate

We’d love to hear about your experience with Carter’s.
Please post an on-line review by clicking on http://review-us.cartersflorist.com
 Like us on Facebook!  click www.facebook.com/cartersflorist
 Smart phone users: download our free app… it’s Carter’s mobile!

$10.00 discount on your first order.
click http://app.cartersflorist.com

(727) 327-5568

They are not just flowers… they’re Carter’s!

Now their customers know exactly what they sent to their loved ones.
I think this is a terrific idea that can only result in improving customer loyalty.

With flowerSoft’s help, all the folks at Carter’s have to do is take a picture of the arrangement and save it using the invoice # as its name.
In other words, the image above would have been call 183947.jpg and placed in a folder known to flowerSoft.

That is all the extra work needed!  How long does it take to snap a picture and place the file in a folder?  5 minutes at the most.
I think it is time well spent that will very likely generate many futures orders from the customer.

This is something that, as far as I know, it is not being done by any other flower shop in the US or Canada.

Notice also that Carter’s asks their customer to post a review of their experience, to “like us” in Facebook and to get their mobile application with the added benefit of receiving a $10 discount the first time they use it.  All in the same email!  Carter’s Florists is ahead of the curve when it comes to delivering service to the customer and this is just one of the things they do to keep them as the premier florist in the St. Petersburg area.

I’m sure all of you are proud of the quality of the work coming out of your shop and would not mind letting your customers see what their hard-earned money bought.

If you want your delivery confirmations to look as professional as Carter’s, and help promote customer loyalty, let us know and we’ll switch you from the regular delivery confirmations to this deluxe version.

As usual, there is no extra cost for this enhancement to your version of flowerSoft.  Just send a thank you note to the good folks at Carter’s for their terrific idea.


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