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Tip #079 – Occasion Reminders and Obituary Entries

Tip #079
Occasion Reminders and Obituary Entries

Perhaps the biggest concern flowerSoft users have with using the Occasion Reminders feature is that it might send a reminder for someone who has passed away during the last 12 months and the pain it might cause your customer.

One of the advantages of using the obituary program in flowerSoft is that this concern is eliminated.

While flowerSoft pulls out the reminders from the previous year, it checks to make sure you do not have an obituary entry for the person the reminder is about.

Obviously, you would not want to send your customer for the deceased, so the default to the “Do You Still Want to Send This Reminder?” is No.

However, it might be that the deceased is not the same person the reminder was meant for, just a case of two people having the same or similar names, so flowerSoft always¬†gives the option to answer “Yes”.