Tip #078 – Search for a Recipient

Tip #078
Search for a Recipient

When you type a recipient’s name into flowerSoft, if flowerSoft finds an exact match for the name you entered in its database of previous recipients, it will display the address information for you and ask you for confirmation.

But what if neither you or your customer know the exact spelling of the recipient’s last name?

As you probably know, flowerSoft gives you several ways to search for a recipient.

Entering the recipient’s phone # first allows flowerSoft to search its own database of previous recipients for a match and if one is found, display the information for the recipient without you having to type it in.

If flowerSoft does not find a match in the database of previous recipients, you also have the option of having flowerSoft search the web’s white and yellow pages for a match.

Another way flowerSoft helps you search for a recipient is by pressing the F4 key from the “Deliver To” field and display a list of recipient’s the customer has sent flowers to in the past.

We have recently added the option of pressing the F6 key after you’ve typed the first name of the recipient to search flowerSoft’s database of previously delivered to names.

Entering the first name before pressing the F6 is not absolutely necessary but it helps narrow down the search.
After you press the F6 key, flowerSoft opens a window showing the closest matching names.

As you type, flowerSoft will move the highlight bar to show the closest match to what you have typed.  This is similar to what is called auto-complete.

As you can see, the highlight keeps moving to show the closest match to what you’ve typed.

If what you’ve typed does not match any name in the database, flowerSoft displays the “No Match” warning and keeps the highlight on the last closest match.

As you can see by reading the bottom of the screen, you can hit Home to have flowerSoft clear what you have typed and  allow you to start over.
If you see that the recipient is not in the database, you can hit Ctrl + C to cancel the search.

These are some of the ways flowerSoft allows you to search for a recipient.

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