Tip #077 – Using an Outside Service to do Mailings

Tip #077
Using an outside service to do mailings

I received the following email from a flowerSoft user:


 I have listened to a couple webinars from Team Floral who are a marketing group who does have good points.
They are suggesting 5 mailings a year via postcard to all your accounts.

 Also emails but keep those more directed at the specific event such as MC, MDay etc.  10 days before, 5 days before, the day before. 
Sounds like I need some training.

How do I pull that info from our acct. files and how do I get it to the company who would do the mailings. “

OK, this a simple process but it does take a few steps.

First, you must find out in what format the outside service wants the information, ASCII or CSV.  I’m sure they can accept both but maybe they have a preference.

You must also decide if you are going to email the information to them or if you are going to put it on a disc or usb drive and physically give it to them.  For this example, we are going to assume you want to email the file to them.

The location of the program that allows you to do this is in (as usual) the Manager’s menu.
So go to the Manager’s menu and select the Marketing option.
From the Marketing option, select the Import/Export option.

Once in this option, select the option that allows you to export your customer database as an ASCII or CSV file.

Once you’ve selected which type of file you want to export your customers in, you have to decide which customers you want to export.
flowerSoft will give several options, including an “expert” selection.

For this example, I’m going to select option #7  “House” accounts only.
After I make that selection, flowerSoft is going to ask me if I want to further refine that selection by selecting only a specific “group” or account “type” within the house accounts set.

I’m going to answer “No” as I want to export all my “house” accounts to the csv file.

flowerSoft will now ask me for the name I want to give to the file.

I am going to call it “house_accounts” and flowerSoft will then ask me for confirmation.

flowerSoft will then want to know where it should place this file.

You must be careful here to include the drive name and exact path to the location you want this file stored. You are going to have to find this file when it comes time to e-mail it, so make sure you remember where you put it.

I’m going to tell flowerSoft to place it in the EXPORT folder inside the FSROOT folder.

Once I do that, flowerSoft will start generating the output and once finished, it will tell you how many records it exported.

flowerSoft will also ask you if you want to see the customer information that was exported to the csv file.

If you answer “Yes”, an Excel worksheet will open showing the data exported.

flowerSoft will export the customer Name, Address 1 and Address 2, City, State, Zip Code and Telephone Numbers.

If you want, you can email this worksheet directly from Excel (if you own a copy) or you can just look at the information shown and delete bad records or information you do not want to send to the service, like the telephone number columns.

If you do make any changes, make sure you save the file again to the same location.

Now, if you are going to e-mail the file to the service, open Outlook or whichever mail client you use and go to the location above to attach the file.

That is all there is to it.

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