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Tip #076 – “Lucky Number” Promotion

Tip #076
Lucky Number Promotion

Do your customers like to gamble?

Implement the “Lucky Number” promotion to generate more sales!

When you implement the “Lucky Number” promotion, every time a sale is made, flowerSoft generates a random number from 00 to 99.
If the random number matches the last 2 number of the invoice, you have a winner.  The amount, which you get to set, is then deducted from the product amount.

The odds of winning is 1 for every 100 invoices generated.  You get to decide if you want outgoing orders included in the promotion, as well as to which customers.

If the promotion amount is greater than the total of the invoice, the promotion amount is reduced to match the invoice total.

People love to gamble.  This might bring more customers into your store.

All loyalty promotions should be heavily advertised so that your customers will become aware of them.