Tip #069 – Suspending/Reinstating “House” Accounts

Tip #069
Suspending/Reinstating “House” Accounts

House Accounts have the ability to order flowers and pay for them at a later time.  Normaly, they get 30 days to pay their purchases.  After that, finance charges are imposed on the outstanding balances.

Sometimes, however, a house account will have a large unpaid balance over 30, 60 or 90 days.

If you want to prevent those accounts from charging additional purchases to their house account, the best thing to do is suspend the account.

How do you suspend a house account?   Very easily.  Simply bring up the account and press the letter S to bring up the S options and then press 1 to suspend their charging privileges.

After you press 1, you must enter the supervisor’s password…

and after that, flowerSoft will show…

To re-instate the account’s charging privileges, follow the same procedure.

However, if the account makes a payment, once you enter it, flowerSoft will ask…

If you answer “Yes”, flowerSoft will re-instate the account’s charging privileges.

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