Tip #068 – Routing Your Deliveries

Tip #068
Routing Your Deliveries

If you use the Route & Receipt option in the Dispatcher’s menu, you know that flowerSoft can display the location of your deliveries in a map.  See below.

Select the deliveries to go into your route & receipt form.

and print your route & receipt sheet.  flowerSoft will then ask you if you want to display a Google map with your delivery stops.

If you answer “Yes”, flowerSoft will pass the delivery information to Google Maps and then…

A map indicating your delivery stops will be displayed.  You can also ask Google to give you directions to each stop.

Your shop will always be the starting location.

At the present time Google does not optimize your route.  This means that Google will give you directions according to the way you entered the deliveries into the route & receipt form, which means that it is probably not the best order sequence for the deliveries.

However, there are now several web sites that will take your delivery stops and optimize the route for the most efficient way to make those deliveries.

One such option is a web site called myrouteonline found in www.myrouteonline.com.  This service will optimize your deliveries when you provide it with a csv file of your delivery stops, which flowerSoft provides for you.

This service is free if you do not have more than a few deliveries (10 or less) but if you are going to route more than that, then you must pay for a subscription.  These subscriptions allow you a certain number of credits per year.

So if you want to optimize your delivery route, check one of these web services.  There are many, so if you find one that you think is better than my routeonline, then please let us know.

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