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Tip #064 – “Mining” Your Information

Tip #064
Mining Your Information

OK, so now you know how to get flowerSoft to keep track of orders generated by your different ad sources, but how do you get that data out of flowerSoft so that you can wisely invest your advertisement Dollars?

Here is how…

Go to the Manager’s Menu > Reports > Sales Reports > Sales Analysis Reports > Order Analysis and then…

select option 9 – “Ad Source” Analysis to have flowerSoft produce a report showing the ad source for all the orders for the period selected.

Tip #063 – Advertisement Sources

Tip #063
Advertisement Sources

If you spend any money advertising your shop, you should keep track of how many orders that advertisement generates.  This will tell you if advertising in that particular media is profitable or not.

So the question now should be “How do I get flowerSoft to keep track of sales directly generated by some form of advertising?”

Here is how.

The first thing you have to do is change a setting in the “Operating Defaults” menu, which tells flowerSoft whether or not to ask for the advertisement source.  By default, this setting is “N”o, don’t ask.  So we need to change the setting.  To do this, go to the Manager’s menu > System Information Menu > Defaults > Operating Defaults.

Press “U” to update and navigate to page #4.  Go down to the “Skip Over the Ad Source Field?” and change the “Y” there to a “N”.  See screen shot below.

Changing this setting will make flowerSoft prompt you for the advertisement source that should be credited for the ordere you are entering.

Select the ad source from the list, which you can do by either highlighting it and hitting Enter or by pressing the letter in front of the desired Ad Source.

If, for example, you advertise in more that 1 newspaper, you should also change the setting in the “System Defaults” menu that reads “Get Details of “Ad Source”?” from “N” to “Y”.
This will make flowerSoft prompt you for the name of the newspaper where the ad appeared.  Of course, you always have the option of leaving it empty.

So there you have it.  You now have flowerSoft keeping track of how effective your advertisements are in generating new orders.