Tip #062 – City Minimums

Tip #062
City Minimums

Ok, so you are sending an order to Topeka, Kansas for a dozen roses but you have no idea how much a dozen roses go for over there.

flowerSoft to the rescue!

Press the F10 key and flowerSoft will tell you how much florists in Topeka are charging for a dozen roses.

flowerSoft will first ask you to confirm the recipient’s city and state and then…

Display a list of the different categories alongside the minimum amounts for that city.

And, if you want to see more detail, press V and flowerSoft will…

Display of list of the florist in the selected category and the minimum amount they charge.

To select one of the florists on the list, simple press the number in front of their name, for example 2 for Heaven Scent Flowers & Gifts.

flowerSoft will the automatically select that florist as the filling florist for the order.

So there you have it, no more guessing as to how much you should tell your customer it will cost to send flowers to any city will in the US or Canada.

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