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Tip #061 – Selling Suggestions

Tip #061
Selling Suggestions

With the upcoming holidays, some of you may be thinking of adding temporary sales help.
Unfortunately, you cannot always get experienced sales people to work during the holidays.
Although you can teach someone how to enter an order into flowerSoft, you cannot always make them sound knowledgeable about the flower business in just a few days.
For such occasions, flowerSoft offers the “selling suggestions” feature that, with your help, we make even unexperienced personnel sound professional to your customers.

How do we accomplish this?  As I said before, with a little bit of your help.

flowerSoft comes with a complete set of suggestions that you can use right off the box as they say but, perhaps they do not reflect your prices or the items you offer for sale.
You can make these suggestions more specific to the items you offer for sale by editing the suggestions database.  As usual, you can do this from the Manager’s menu, Utilities, User Definable Codes and Settings and then selecting the Occasions and Suggestions option.

Once you have this file to your liking, you can train your temporary employees on how to bring up those suggestions while taking an order.

By pressing the F4 key while in the “Quantity” field,your employee can bring up a list of suggestions for different occasions.
The suggestions are grouped by categories, as the screen shot below shows.

By highlighting and selecting a category, the employee will be presented with a list of the items you offer for sale in that specific category.

The user can then the item they want to view the selling suggestions for by highlighting it and pressing the letter V.

So there you have it, with just a little work on your part you can have your inexperienced help sound as professional as you do when dealing with your customers.

Heck, it might even be useful to your experienced help.