Tip #060 – Automatic Spell-Checker

Tip #060
Automatic Spell-Checker

Did you know that you also have the option to automatically spell-check the enclosure card?

Yes, you do.  Just tell flowerSoft you want to do so by going into the Operating Defaults menu and entering a Y in the field that reads “Spell-Check Card Automatically?.

When you select this option, flowerSoft will automatically spell-check your card when it gets to the “Occasion” field without you having to remember to press the F9 key.
flowerSoft will only do this on new orders.  For existing orders that you are editing, you will still need to press the F9 key.

It will save you from embarrassing spelling errors, even if you and your staff are good spellers.

3 thoughts on “Tip #060 – Automatic Spell-Checker

  1. Will it mark names as misspellings if they are unusual? If it does find an error, does it auto correct or show the error? I just ask because sometime people have funny spellings for words like “luv” which is obviously a misspelling, but could be what someone wants.


    1. flowerSoft does not correct any words automatically. It does start the spell-checking process automatically when you get to the Occasion field, if you have chosen that option.
      If the word is not found in the list of words flowerSoft uses, it will be flagged as a misspelled word.
      You do have the option to add the word to the list so that in future cases it will not be marked as a misspelled word.
      Or, if incorrect you can correct the spelling.
      The same goes for some names. They will not be found on the word list but they can be added to the list.


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