Tip #058 – Reverse Phone Lookup (Cont.)

Tip #058
How the Reverse Phone Lookup Option Works

Once you have installed support for Microsoft Visual C++ and we have uploaded the required flowerSoft programs into your system, the reverse phone lookup option will be ready to use.

Here is how:

The first thing you’ll have to do is tell flowerSoft that you want to use the reverse phone lookup option.
You do this by going into the Manager’s menu > System Information > Defaults > Operating Defaults and pressing U to update.
Navigate to Page #21 by hitting the Page Down key until you get to it.

Go to the field that reads “Use Reverse Phone Lookup Option?:” and enter a Y in there.
You will also need to change the next field “RPL # of Iterations” to 500.  This is very important.
Save the new settings by pressing F9 and you are all set.

Now, when someone call you to place an order and gives you their phone # and you enter it into the Account Number field, flowerSoft will immediately display the following screen…

If the reverse lookup is successful, flowerSoft will then ask you for confirmation …

Once you confirm to flowerSoft that the person found is the one you are speaking with, flowerSoft will ask you if you want to add the customer to the Customers database.

If you answer “Yes”, flowerSoft will the fill all the related fields for you.

at which point you could almost press F10 to save the new customer information.

There is always the possibility that the reverse phone lookup found the name of the person who holds the account for the phone # and you are talking to someone else in the household.  However, you should still accept the information shown because it is a lot easier just to change the name than to enter all the other address information.

The reverse phone lookup also works if you enter the recipient’s phone number.

After you enter the recipient’s phone #, flowerSoft will initiate the internet search for its owner…

and if successful, will ask you if that is the person you are delivering to.
Again, even though the name might be the one for someone else in the household, the address information should still be valid.
Once you confirm to flowerSoft that it is indeed the person you will be delivering to…

flowerSoft will fill the related fields for you.

So there you have it, a new reverse phone lookup option for you to use if you want it.

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