Welcome to the flowerSoft Silver Blog!

Welcome to the flowerSoft Silver blog.
We are starting our 30th year in business!
Yet, we are constantly improving and adding new features to the program in an effort to make it as good as any software can be.
If you are a flowerSoft user, feel free to comment on the program.
What you would like to see added or improved.
If you are a florist but not a flowerSoft user, feel free to ask any questions about flowerSoft and explore all of its features.  We can give you a web demo if you have an interest.

Thank you!

2 thoughts on “Welcome to the flowerSoft Silver Blog!

  1. Fantastic Upgrade Experience!

    I always DREAD an upgrade of any kind… cell phone, computer, etc.

    We upgraded to FlowerSoft Silver 2018 this past weekend and we had minimal issues to have fixed!

    Kudos to George for the excellent upgrade service, smooth transition, and the expeditious fixed!

    Terry / Carter’s Florist / St. Petersburg, FL


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