Quiz #001

Quiz #001

Welcome to the first flowerSoft Quiz!
Leave your answer as a comment to this post.

While are entering an order,  you decide to give the customer a discount on the order.
How many ways does flowerSoft give you to apply a discount to an order and what are the steps necessary to apply the discount?

6 thoughts on “Quiz #001

  1. Good Question. I press F8 when at the tax field, before the M.O.P. and then either enter a discount code or a set amount or a percentage. But how do you apply a discount on one item and not on the whole order?
    For example, someone buys a Christmas item marked a certain percentage off, but also buys a bouquet that is not discounted? How do you apply a discount to one and not the other?


    1. You use one of the item codes designed specifically for that purpose, DISC1 and DISC2 or DISC3. They were originally designed to enable discounts on “long” invoides but they can also be used on “short” invoices.
      DISC1 applies a discount to only the item above it.
      DISC2 applies a discount to all the line items above it.
      DISC3 applies a discount to all the items below the previous discount.


      1. Wow, I learn something new everyday….
        After fooling around with this, I have the following question:
        One should enter the discounted items first, by using any of the methods explained above, then if there are any regularly priced items, that should be entered last, so as no discounts are applied to that particular item?


  2. The F8 key to apply discount code or percentage off. Also a 1 item disc can applied by typing disc1 after the item you want to discount. So I know 2 but I suspect there are more.


    1. Very good, Dick!
      Those are indeed 2 ways of applying a discount to an order while taking the order.
      I just want to point out that the F8 key works only from the sales tax rate field.


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