Tip #051 – The F3 (Order Map) Key

Tip #051
The F3 (Order Map) Key

Perhaps the most useful “function” key in flowerSoft.

Unlike graphical applications that can display many characters and lines on one screen, sometimes making it difficult to read because of the small size of the letters, flowerSoft only displays a maximum of 80 characters per line and never more than 24 lines per screen.  This allows the letters to be of a nice size and the words easy to read.
Because of this space limitation, in order to gather all the information needed to complete an order, flowerSoft has to spread the fields required over several screens or forms.

Normally, flowerSoft “guides” you through the order taking process, displaying the different screens as you go from section to section.  However, sometimes you have to go back to a previous screen to either edit or add more information.  Although hitting the Page Up key will take you to a previous screen and the Page Down key take you to the next screen, sometimes the screen you want is not either the previous or next screen.
You can hit Page Up or Page Down repeatedly to get to the correct screen but there is a much easier way, and that is by pressing the F3 key.

When you press the F3 key, from anywhere in the order, flowerSoft will display a “map” of the order…

This “map” allows you to go to any of the different sections of the order by just pressing the number in front of the section.

For example, to go to the recipient’s name and address section, you would press F3 to display the map and then the number 2.
You can do the same to go to any of the other sections of the order, like the “Sold To” information by pressing 1 or the enclosure card message by pressing 7, etc., etc.

In addition, there are some other very useful functions available that are shown at the bottom of the screen.

For example, after pressing the F3 key, you can press “S” to switch the order type, or “+” to bring up a calculator or “C” to display a 3-month calendar, “D” to bring up the “default” orders,  etc., etc.

So there you have it, the next time you need to jump to a specific section of an order, press the F3 key instead of hitting Page Up, Page Down or the Enter key.
It is a lot easier and will keep you from getting frustrated because you don’t seem to be able to get to the screen you want to get to.

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