Tip #050 – “Suspending” an Order

Tip #050
“Suspending” an Order

This is such an old flowerSoft feature, that I just take it for granted that every one knows about it but in reality a lot of the more recent flowerSoft users probably are not aware of this feature.

When flowerSoft was first being developed, Windows was not available yet.  The first version of Windows, Windows 1.0 first came into existance on November of 1985, about a year after the first version of flowerSoft was first deployed.

Therefore, in those days, there was no way to open another flowerSoft “window”,
So, if a customer called with an order and you started entering it in the cumputer and got to the method of payment field and the customer said something like “My credit card is maxed out, I’ll call you back with my wife’s card number” or “I don’t have the apartment #, I’ll call you back with that info in 5 minutes.”, you could not leave that order on the screen and open another flowerSoft window and continued taking other orders.
You either had to take the other orders by hand on a piece of paper or you had to escape out of the order a lose all the information you had entered.
Hence the birth of flowerSoft’s “suspend” and order feature.

If while in the middle of an order, you hit the Esc key, flowerSoft will display this prompt…

Notice that when flowerSoft asks you “Do You Want to Exit?”, you have the option of answering “S” to “suspend” the order.

What does “suspending” an order mean?  It means that flowerSoft will make a copy of the order as it is at the moment you hit the Esc key and save it to a different location in your hard disk.
You can then, at a later time, “recall” the suspended order and not have to re-enter all the information you entered previously.

How do you “recall” a suspended order?  The same way you look for a “default” order.
Press the Home key from the “Source” field and flowerSoft will display all the suspended orders it has on file.
All you have to do is select the correct one from the list.

On the multi-user version of flowerSoft, if flowerSoft detects that a clerk who previously suspended an order which has to be delivered today, is entering a new order in any flowerSoft terminal in the network, the following warning will be displayed…

The clerk has then the option of bringing up the suspended order or continuing with the new order.
This helps prevent “suspended” orders from being “forgotten” in the system.


flowerSoft displays a list of all suspended orders for you to select the correct one.  Once you select one of the “suspended” orders, flowerSoft displays the order and asks you if it is the correct order.
If you answer “No”, flowerSoft returns the order to the “suspended” orders file but if you say :Yes” this is the correct suspended order, flowerSoft deletes it from the “suspended” orders file.

Why is this a gotcha?  Because if you for some reason have to exit the order again and do not suspend it, all the information you entered will be lost.
So remember, if you recall a “suspended” order and then for any reason have to exit out of the order again, “suspend” it one more time if you want to be available for recalling later on.

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