Tip #049 – “Default” Orders (Cont.)

Tip #049
How to bring up an existing “default” order

So now you know wat a “default” order is and how to create one, but how do you bring one up durg order entry?

If you have ever “suspended” an order and then recalled it by pressing Home from the “Source” field, then you probably know how to do it.

Err… you don’t know how to suspend and order?  OK, I guess that will be post #050.

Getting back to the “default” orders and how to bring an existing one up, when you are in the “Source” field, which is the first field you go to when entering an order, press the Home key.

When you press Home from the source field, flowerSoft displays…

Go ahead and press 2. Get “Default” Order.  flowerSoft will then display a list of all the “default” orders you have created.

Please note that flowerSoft displays all the default orders you have entered, not just the ones you have entered for a particular customer, since at that point you have not told flowerSoft who the customer is.

However, if you are entering an order for an account that has “default” orders, flowerSoft will give you a heads-up once you get to the “Ordered By” field.

At this point, you can press the F3 key and then “D” to bring up the “default” orders for this customer if you want to use it as a template for the new order.

Ahh… I have not told you about the F3 key yet.  That will be post #051.

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