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Tip #047 – “Default” Orders

Tip #047
“Default” Orders

What is a “default” order?
A “default” order is an order that doesn’t change much each time the customer places it.

If you have customers that keep sending basically the same thing to different recipients, or customers that order the same thing time after time for their own home or location.

Examples of this type of customer could be a real estate company sending a plant to customers who used them to either sell or buy a house, or a restaurant that orders the same floral arrangement each week.

If you have customers that place such type of orders, flowerSoft gives you a way to save most of the time spent entering the order by allowing you to create “default” orders for those customers.

You can have as many “default” orders as you want. You can even have different “default” orders for the same customer.

So now that you know what a “default” order is and if you have any use for them, the next question should be:

“How do I create a “default” order?”

For that information, read the next tip.