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Tip #046 – Recipient History

Tip #046
Recipient History

As most of you know, flowerSoft allows you to display a customer’s recipient history by pressing the F4 key from the recipient’s name field.

Upon pressing F4, flowerSoft will display a list of the recipients you customer has sent flowers to.

However, this list displays the names in a chronological order, with the recipients with the most recent delivery dates at the top of the list.

While this is fine, and probably preferable in most cases, the are some customers that by the nature of their business send flowers to a multitude a different recipients.

Examples of these can be real estate firms, lawyers, etc.  If you have any customers like those, their recipient history can contain dozens of names, which makes it a little inconvenient to find one that has not been delivered to in a while.

I recently received a suggestion from Dick Lindskoog, of Lindskoog Florist located in beautiful Minneapolis, MN.
He said that he thought it would be convenient to be able to go to a specific letter on the list of recipients.

In other words, if the list is very large and the recipient’s name does not show up on the first list displayed, it would be very convenient to go to the first letter of the recipient’s name and then select the recipient among a much smaller group of names.

I thought that this was a terrific suggestion, so as of right now, or as soon as I update your system with the latest version of flowerSoft, when you press the F4 key to get the recipient history list, flowerSoft will have an additional option:

When you press the letter G, flowerSoft will display the following prompt:

As soon as you enter the first letter of the recipient’s name (in this case I pressed S), flowerSoft will only display the names of the recipient’s whose name start with the letter selected.

I want to thank Dick for this excellent suggestion that will make flowerSoft even better than it is today.

If you have ideas on how to improve flowerSoft, like the one Dick just offered, please enter a post on the “Making it Better” page.

With contributions like the one above, you’ll be helping flowerSoft remain at the top of the florist software application available at any price and brag that you run the best florist software there is. 🙂