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Tip #045 – Shortcut to Delivery Dates

Tip #045
Shortcut to Delivery Dates

OK, so most of you know that hitting Enter without entering a date while in the delivery date field will get you today’s date.

But did you know that entering the first two letters of the day will get you that day’s date?  Like today is Thursdayy, 01/05/2012.
If I go to the delivery date field and I enter “mo” and hit Enter, flowerSoft will translate the “mo” into “01/09/2012” which is Monday’s date.

Oh, you did know that because it is shown at the bottom of the screen.

But… did you know that entering “nmo” and hitting Enter will get you “01/16/2012”?
Or that entering “nnmo” and hitting Enter would get you “01/23/2012”?
I’d bet you didn’t know that.

How far can you take this?   Well, the delivery date field can hold up to 10 characters, so…
“nnnnnnnnmo” will result in “03/05/2012”

It works like this, entering the first 2 letters of the day will give you the date for that very next day.

Preceeding the day’s first 2 letters with an “N” will give you the date for that day the following week.
“NN” will give you that day’s date two weeks from the next one.  And so on.

In my opinion, if the delivery date will require more than 2 N’s, you are better off bringing up the calendar.

Tip #044 – 3-Month Calendar

Tip #044
3-Month Calendar

Did you know that flowerSoft can display a 3-month calendar while in the delivery date field during order entry?

Press F9 while in the delivery date field and flowerSoft will display a 3-month calendar with today’s date highlighted.

Move the highlight to any date and hit Enter and the selected date will appear on the delivery date field.

If you can think of any other areas in flowerSoft where this calendar would be beneficial, please go into the “Making It Better” page and let us know.