Tip #043 – The “Cash Register” Mode

Tip #043
TheCash Register” Mode

Did you know that flowerSoft has a “cash drawer” mode?

It acts exactly as a physical cash register.  Nothing gets recorded into the computer until you post the cash drawer sales from the Periodic Procedures menu.

Great to enter a quick cash & carry sale for someone who has no time to wait.
Also a great way to record petty cash and open the cash drawer when you just need to make change.

2 thoughts on “Tip #043 – The “Cash Register” Mode

    1. You need to initialize the register before entering any cash sales into it.
      In other words, yuou have to tell flowerSoft how much money the cash drawer is starting with each day.
      If you do not do this first, flowerSoft will not let you enter and cash register sales.
      This is done so that you can z-out accurately at the end of the day.
      Note: If you z-out a register before the end of the day, the date advances to the next day and as far as flowerSoft is concerned it is tomorrow, not today.
      So trying to enter any cash drawer sales after that would produce the same message.


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