Tip #041 – The Forward Slash (/)

Tip #041
The forward slash (/)

How many of you know that in any date field, the forward slash (/) [the one below the question mark on your keybard] will give you today’s date?

Why type 01/02/2012, when you can just do…

Also, did you know that when you type a date into a date field you do not need to enter the slashes?

In other words, you do not have to enter a date like this: 01/15/2012, you can just enter 011512 and flowerSoft will convert it to 01/15/2012.

Gotcha:  Never enter dates using dashes, as in 01-15-2012 or back slashes as in 01\15\2012 or periods as in 01.15.2012.
flowerSoft will accept it those formats but will not be able to do date math on it.  In other words calculate # of days, select within a range of dates, etc.
Always make sure your dates are in the mm/dd/yyyy format.

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